Following on my Rules of Success post series, this is my fifth post. You can ready the other four posts here.

What is the difference between winners and loosers?

Loosers always blame someone or something else. The wind blew the ball to the left, or their investors didn’t put in enough money, or they didn’t get enough support, or… you get the point.

Winners, on the other hand, don’t blame anyone for their success. They won’t say that they scored because the wind was just right, or that it was thanks to investors that they managed to succeed, no! They know that all their success comes down to one thing, and one thing only – how hard they worked.

You see, they take responsibility for everything that happens in their life, and in business. They know that in order to succeed at anything they have to devote time and energy, and sometimes money, in order to make things happen.

If you played sports professionally, you would know that, to win, you need to train 5-6 days a week for hours at a time. None of the top professionals in any sport became the best simply by chance! They took responsibility of their future and devoted their precious time to training.

Likewise, no top businessman or woman became successful by accident. You can’t expect to read a book every so often, do a course once in a blue moon, and network once a month, and then somehow become successful. No, it takes time and hard work to become the best, nothing works by accident.

Take time to really think about your future and plan for it. Be organised, schedule your days out and make time for what is truly important to you.

Do you want to start a business?  Awesome! Set aside a few hours a day, and make sure you use them right. There’s no point in setting time aside if you spend it procrastinating!

Remember that your time is your only limited resource – money, health, all of that comes and goes, but you will never be able to recover time.

You are your best asset, but you are also your worst enemy. By recognising your strengths and weaknesses you can act on them. Be honest with yourself, and all your hard work will pay off.

Thank you for reading, see you soon!



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