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Good day!

With the way our society has changed, and the ease we have surrounding the internet, now more than ever it is possible to make a living through your passion.

Just look at YouTube, every day some kid somewhere is making a killing by uploading videos of them playing video games, putting make up on, or simply goofing around.

It’s a given that you will put more effort into your work if you are truly passionate about what you do! Why would you work hard at something you despise? You’re more likely to do the bare minimum and call it a day.

If your work was your passion, you’d truly put your heart and soul into it. You would forget that you were working, a 12 hour day will fly by. In contrast, if you hated your job, half an hour would drag on for what feels like centuries.

When I worked in a previous office job, that was the case for me. I spent 7 hours a day sitting at my desk, feeling myself age as I watched the clock tick forward. A day felt like a week, time seemed to flow by exceedingly slow.

This is a reality for too many in the population, people clinging to the long-dead ideal that a job is for life, and your boss will look after you if you commit to them. The job-for-life is a long lost idea, and we should leave it behind.

Making your passion a job is not as difficult as it may seem, but it does require a lot of mental strength. Leaving the “security” of a job behind can be difficult, and friends/family will not always be supportive, or even understanding. Creating a successful business venture takes time, learning, and money.

The other flip side of the coin is you need an audience. Not just any audience, but one that looks up to you, and will buy what you sell. It was Kevin Kelly that introduced the 1,000 True Fans Income Model, suggesting that all you need for a $100,000 income was 1,000 true fans that purchase $100 of what you create.

Now, don’t mistake that as a get-rich-quick idea, there’s no such thing! This is a model to build a real audience that, over time, will get you rich. It’s almost impossible to go from nothing to millions over night (unless you win the lottery of course!) What you need to do is create the solid foundations of a business that will pay off in the long term.

I suggest you take the next few steps before diving into your business!


1- Discuss it with your family

This is very important. Get your family on board early on, tell them what you plan to do, and explain that it will take some time. Starting a new venture takes a lot of time, both in research and actual work, so if you’re still working a job, it will bite into your family time.

Let them know how important this is to you, and how in the long term things will work out for the best. Get them on board before you take off rather than when you’re halfway through. Having their love and support will be essential to your success – after all, few can live happily alone.


2- Figure out your passion

Obvious, yes, but no less relevant to this list. Take your time to determine what you are truly passionate about. Make a list if it helps of all the things you enjoy doing, and take your time to consider each and everyone of those items. Can you really work at that all day every day? Is it likely to burn you out, or become too much? Take your time with this step, you don’t want to rush it!


3- Can you make it into a profitable business?

The real question – is this profitable? Is there an audience for your passion? Are people willing to spend money on this?

Kevin Kelly says yes – whatever your interests as a creator are, whatever, product, idea or desire, there will be a fan base on the internet. At least, he says, 1 in a million will be interested, and THAT is a low bar.

Your job in step 3 is to find that base and study them. Look at Instagram hashtags, YouTube videos, Blog posts, websites, you name it! How many people are interested in the same thing as you? How much do those people really care for that niche? If there’s no market, how do you intend to sell?



Starting any new thing needs planning, anything at all! If you’re going to travel to a new place, somewhere you’ve never been before, would you jump in the car and just start driving, hoping you’ll get there? No! You will look at a map or GPS and plan your route out first. You’ll plan for rest breaks, prepare refreshments, all you need to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

The same is in business.

Plan out your new venture with your passion. Envision the end goal, where you want to take your business, and plan out every step of the way to get there.

This could be the hardest step, so take all the time you can. I’d suggest you take a day off work to do this planning. After all, if you’re looking at quitting your job one day, you will want to know exactly what needs to be done next and what steps you need to take.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it has helped you figure out what you need to do next. Comment below your thoughts or any suggestions for a new post you’d like me to write 🙂





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