Hey guys,

I’m going to start a new blog series on the basic rules of success, and what you must be willing to do for you to succeed. Leave a comment if you have a topic you’d like to discuss, or any thoughts  on this post 🙂

Every year, towards the end of it, the vast majority of the population starts planning their New Year’s resolution.

Some want to loose weight, others want to start a new hobby, some even want to really go out there and start their own businesses. Other ones like quit smoking, making more time for kids/family, etc. are also popular.

It’s impossible to track how many people maintain their resolutions or quit. But honestly, do you know of anyone who has consistently kept theirs for an entire year?

Yeah, me neither.

I’ve never had the privilege of meeting someone who actually kept their New Year’s resolution.

Why? Because they’re just another excuse.

Why would you wait for a New Year to improve your life? Why not start now?

Why do people wait for Monday to quit smoking, or start a diet? Why do people need a new week, month or year to start changing things in their life?

Because it’s easier to make an excuse and postpone a change than it is to get started today.

New Year’s resolutions are only elaborate excuses for major life changes. In a smaller scale, excuses are unacceptable for the entrepreneur.


There are no excuses for being late, not

showing up or not getting your work done.


Everyone has other things going on, everyone has families to take care of, traffic issues to deal with, or other problems in their lives.

If you’re committed to making a big, positive change in your life, you have to quit making excuses to not work for it.

Do you want to loose weight? Sign up to a gym, create a workout schedule, and follow it without thinking long enough to make up any excuses.

Do you want to quit smoking? Throw your cigarettes in the bin with your lighter, and set aside the money you’d spend on cigarettes every week. At the end of the year, why not treat yourself to something? Or better yet, invest your savings and watch them compound.

Do you want to start a business? Do research! Buy books, sign up to online courses, and set aside time every day to work on your business!

If your resolution is important enough for you, you won’t wait to get going. you won’t make excuses and you’ll make your changes today 🙂

Let’s get started on our new chapters today!



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