Hey guys!

So I am not good at consistently writing Blog posts… I know, I’m not disciplined yet!

But I think it is important for you to know what I do for a living, so here it goes!

I am currently working at a shop near me part-time, and whilst I actually enjoy it (really, I do!) it’s not what I really hope to do for the rest of my life.

For over a year now I have been researching and thinking what I really want to do with my life. In June last year I left a full-time job in central London. From the outside looking in, it was the perfect job: I was making quite a lot of money, and hardly had any work to do! I spent my days reading or generally procrastinating as I ate snacks and drank coffee.

Less than a year in, and 7kg up, my mental health was on a slow but steady decline. The environment of this office was awful – there was lots of negativity, complaining, and a steady stream of people resigning (21 people left in the 18 months I spent there, out of 50 employees!).

As the receptionist, I was involuntarily made the person others would go to to complain about their jobs away from eavesdroppers. I was their instrument of release, whilst my mental health was the victim of their shit.

In June 2017 I took the leap of faith, said “fuck it” and left the good-paying job with no other job on the line. I had saved up some cash and treated myself to a couple months off before I found a local job for the extra cash.

In August I went to Canada for 2 weeks, and as I got back I was planning where to look for a job when the unexpected happened – I needed an emergency operation. 31st of August I was put under general anaesthesia, and then told I couldn’t do any physical labour for at least 3 months.

By October, my financial situation was dire, so I did what thousands of desperate people do, and googled the infamous phrase: “how to make money online.”

Scam followed by scam, I thought I would struggle to find the right thing for me.

What I really needed was a way to learn how to make money online, I had no idea what I was doing!

And then came Easy Digital Profit.

Easy Digital Profit, or EDP for short, is an educational company, they teach you how to do online marketing on different platforms for any product, whilst they also give you the chance to sell the course on yourself as an affiliate, to make some extra income!

I was intrigued by this company, and did their 14 day $1 trial to begin with. In that trial, I accessed the Basic course with the very basics intro to online marketing. I went through the courses, and took the leap of faith and bought into the Bronze level.

I enjoy EDP because it teaches you EVERYTHING, and they don’t assume that you know anything they’re talking about. This may seem patronising, but for someone as inept as me at all online anything, this is awesome!

But how does the commission work? Now we’re talking!

My favourite part, money!

The standard is 60% commission. Yeah, standard. You get the course, you sell the course, and boom, 60% commission. Simple as. No monthly fees, no nothing fees, simple.

Want more? Then how does 100% commission sound like? I promise you I haven’t mis-typed that.

For $37 per month, you are entitled to 100% COMMISSION ON ALL SALES.

So for the Bronze level, on which I currently am and which is $250, if you pay the monthly fee of $37, instead of *just* $150 commission per sale (60%), you can earn $250 per sale!

Now that’s the kind of math I like.

Anyway, since I joined EDP I can’t stress how happy I am. It’s given me purpose, and I’ve learnt so much that every dollar I’ve spent on it has truly been worth it.

Interested in making some part-time cash? Check this video out!

This programme is an invite-only event, so get in touch with me if you’d like to talk more about it!

Thanks for reading 🙂




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