I love wearing lipsticks, and I love trying new brands and formulas, always looking for the perfect lipstick. I proudly own over 50 lipsticks, and have several favourites that I’ll like to show off.

DISCLAIMER: Owning over 50 lipsticks is not a problem if you’re happy inside with the decision to buy and store them all.

I’m going to do a breakdown of my 3 favourite brands and then my favourite shades.

My lippies

NYX Lingerie 

These lipsticks are seriously amazing. The formula is fab, they don’t dry your lips and they are seriously cheap – £7 each! NYX has recently expanded the line to 24 shades, and hopefully more in the future.

The formula of these lipsticks is really creamy, similar to NYX’s Suede Lipstick line, though it dries matte and has more staying power than the suede. I’m a sucker for matte lipsticks, they’re my favourite finish.

Now, these are not perfect. They don’t stay on forever, so expect stains on your bottle of water or cup of coffee. Also they’re not full-coverage, so in some cases you’ll need a second layer to top it off.

From the 24 colours I have 10 colours (as far as I can find). I like most of the colours I have, though I tend to use the bolder colours than the lighter nudes. I couldn’t narrow down my favourite of them all, but I did pick my top 5. 

SECOND DISCLAIMER: I hope you weren’t expecting me to pick a single favourite lipstick, I don’t think I could ever do that.

My favourite shades from top to bottom are French Maid, Embellishment, Corset, Seduction and Exotic. Theyre all easy-to-wear colours, and i feel like they work in all seasons, especially with autumn coming.

ColourPop Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin Lip

ColourPop’s products are all seriously cheap. Each of the lipsticks cost $6, and have better staying power than most lipsticks I have ever tried. They’re not perfect, but dammit they are good. I love both formulas, but they’re so different, let me tell you why.

The Matte formula is probably the most famous one of the two. They have a wider range of colours, and they have become a cult favourite. In my experience, they stay on for hours and are so pigmented I could cry! A fault though is how drying they are. Even with a healthy coating of lip balm underneath the lipstick, it manages to dry my lips and flake after a few hours. The way I get around this is that after lunchtime, with lip balm I’ll take the lipstick on and “rest” my lips for half an hour or so, and then reapply for the afternoon.

Ultra Mattes

The Satin lipstick is a much less drying formula. My lips don’t dry or flake as much, and I find it much more comfortable to wear through the day. The big disadvantage though is that it transfers and stains everything you put to your lips. If you can live with that though, the formula is so velvety and pigmented that it’s worth it.

Ultra Satins

From these, again I’ve picked out my top 5 faves.

From top to bottom we have Creeper (matte), Mama (matte), Times Square (matte), Calypso (satin) and Dopey (satin). In particular I love Creeper, it’s the purest red lipstick I own, with blue undertones that truly make the red pop.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Kylie Cosmetics has swept through the beauty market mainly due to the popularity of Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian fam. What helps these lippies stand out though is the amazing quality. All the ones I’ve tried are super pigmented, and the formula is long lasting. It is as drying as any standard matte lipstick is, but definitely less than ColourPop in my experience.

I first got the Koko Collection when it came out, and added a few lipsticks with time. They are beautifully packaged, the design of the containers is stunning and unlike the ColourPop lipstick, the designs stick!

It really was hard to name my favourites, so I just swatched them all.

From top to bottom we have High Maintenance, Kristen, Ginger, Candy K, Bunny, Kloe$, Baby Girl, Doll, Okurr and Gorg.

My favourite I’d have to say is probably Kristen- it’s a beautiful strawberry red, and very wearable all year round.
And that’s it! If i have confused/scared you with how many lippies I have, then my bad. I don’t consider it a waste either, in fact my thirst for more is ever stronger! 😉

Until next time!



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