Keeping A Blog Is Harder Than Expected

negativity-bias-comic1Hello reader,

So, over a month ago I published my first blog post. Since then, I have started about 10 other posts, and haven’t been able to finish a single one. Obviously, these are bad stats for a first-time blogger, but hey it’s been much tougher that I could ever have hoped, and for a fair few reasons.


Social Media Sharing

Believe it or not, I did not intend to share this on my personal social media accounts! I am always sceptical about sharing bits of my personal life online, and this blog for me was far too personal to start sharing far and wide to begin with.

I started this blog as a way of expressing myself, to make me uncomfortable by doing something I’ve never done before. I want to broaden my horizons, and like anyone, I want to do new and exciting things. I’ve read many articles and blog posts about what to do in my kind of situation, and starting a blog was a recurrent theme. Somewhere, someone suggested you can start one, keep it online but not share it immediately with friends, families and acquaintances, and that’s what I intended to do. But WordPress had its own ideas!

In a way I’m glad that this was shared without me consciously doing it, I guess it would have been a very hard decision for me to do that at any time. But at the same time, it came as a shock, and it really put me off for a while.



So, WordPress not only tells you HOW many people visit your site, but also from what COUNTRIES and cities they are from. Now THAT was shocking, and information I’d rather not keep an eye on. It actually forced me to do a Facebook cleanse, and get rid of a few people I won’t miss!

Now I’m a person with luggage, and situations in my past have shaped the way I am now, and how I behave in general. I’m still trying to improve myself, I try every day! I don’t want to be defined by my past, I don’t think anyone does really. Humans change and evolve every day, who wants to get weighed by their past?!


Feedback & Mindset

Ah yes, the sure-fire way of making someone feel naked and vulnerable – feedback.

The vast majority of comments I got for my previous post were positive. Friends and family said nice things about my writing, and encouraged me to write more. All, but one person.

It’s amazing the power that negativity has on us humans. We can receive 1,000 compliments, but we will focus on the one negative comment. An actor can be sent a million tweets of how amazing they are, but in Jimmy Kimmel Live they will read the one negative one in hundreds. (

The way we focus on negativity is a definite short-come that humanity has not been able to evolve out of. And I don’t just mean about how we behave when we receive it, but how we focus on it 24/7 – how we complain when it’s too hot or cold, when we miss our train, when our boss huffs at us again, and when a customer is more annoying than the average. We talk and spread negativity at all times, mostly unconsciously.

Have you ever read any book from Tony Robbins? In every book of his that I’ve read, he always spends a lot of time talking about mindset – he thinks that our mindset is more important than we think. We attract what we think, he says, and quite frankly he’s right! Many times I’ve had a shitty day, that started off with a grumpy Elena, moaning that the alarm went off too early and i didn’t get my “beauty sleep.”

Those days seem to go from bad to worse, and I need to take full responsibility for that! A simple change in mindset (like, not cursing at my alarm, but seeing it as the perfect excuse of buying myself a Starbucks – not that I need an excuse) could have flipped my mood in seconds. Tony goes into detail in his books or videos, check this video out for more details:


Coming to peace with myself

“When I grow up” I want to do something. What, I’m not sure yet, but it’s definitely something! One thing I definitely do want to do is invest in property, become financially independent and not have to worry about retirement.

The road to success is hard, I know that. But what would make it worse for me, or anyone in my position, would be to stay tied to a past that holds me back. When I think of the business-people I admire the most, they all have hard pasts too. They don’t try to escape from them, but rather they embrace them, make it part of their journey to where they are today. They use their past traumas as reasons to push forward rather than stay back.

My goal is to be them, the people who motivate me to change and improve. Can’t say it will be easy, but it’s a road I’m going to have to take!


Thank you for reading this, if you’ve made it this far down! It has been a weird experience, but I will take this as a lesson and try to improve. Let me know your thoughts, and by God don’t be a dick! 😉

Take care and goodnight ❤



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